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With the special innovative services of Barva Technical, you can benefit from the technical solutions increasing the value and life cycle of your facilities.

Barva’s staff with a wide range of services respond to technical needs such as breakdown, maintenance, and repair in the fastest way, 24/7.

  • Central Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Chiller, Heating Boiler, Boiler, Circulation Pumps
  • HVAC Systems
  • VRF, Split Air-conditioner, Fancoil, Air-conditioning unit
  • Periodical Device Maintenance
  • Malfunction Repair
  • Pool Water Conditioning and Pool Cleaning
  • Mechanical Filtration, Chemical Dosing
  • Cabling, Product Assembly, Malfunction Detection and Repair
  • Energy Management
  • Central System Consumption Shares
  • Meter Reading Services
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Controls
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