Digital Brochure

Customer Satisfaction Policy

We, as Barva Technic , commit to all our stakeholders.

  • To provide the correct solutions for the needs of our customers by handling the relations with customers in a strategic manner, committing that the complaints will be handled meticulously, with a transparent and responsible complaint handling process where customers can easily reach our management at any point of their complaints,
  • To adopt a customer-oriented approach in every decision we make towards better customer satisfaction and loyalty, in every service we provide, to make our customers feel "Safe, Happy, and Valued", and to keep satisfaction at the forefront of our focus and to carry out all our customer satisfaction works within the scope of this principle,
  • Responding to customer complaints within 24 hours is the top condition of unique service quality,
  • To implement permanent improvements in our systems and processes after complaint evaluations, and to focus on employee experience and providing an environment where our employees can constantly improve themselves,
  • To actively use all communication channels, so that our customers can reach us and convey their complaints and requests,
  • To perform the works under our responsibility in full and on time, in accordance with the laws, decrees and regulations,
  • To keep our success sustainable with technological services,
  • To keep the information of customers secure in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, based on the principle of confidentiality,
  • To show sensitivity towards our ecosystem and environment, and to implement social responsibility projects

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