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Occupational Health and Safety Policy


  • We ensure that occupational health and safety services are carried out in accordance with national legislation and standards.
  • We provide a safe, healthy and ergonomic work environment for our employees by carrying out risk assessments in order to reduce and eliminate the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace.
  • We use safe equipment and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe work environment.
  • We carry out trainings and events for our employees to get them to adopt our occupational health and safety principles.
  • We identify the dangers and risks in the working environment with the participation of executives and employees, and eliminate them at the source.
  • We prepare an emergency plan, and ensure the emergency teams are formed in accordance with the emergency plan, the job descriptions of these teams are determined and training is provided in accordance with these descriptions.
  • We conduct drills at regular intervals in accordance with the prepared emergency plans.
  • We ensure that periodic health checks are carried out, taking into account the health and safety risks that the employees will be exposed to in the workplace.
  • We create a culture of occupational health and safety and turn it into a lifestyle.


Providing safe and healthy conditions in the working environment for all employees within the frameworks determined by the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and related regulations, and to be the leading company in the sector with studies and practices.


To carry out occupational health and safety services in the workplaces we work at in view of the ‘people first’ factor

To raise the awareness of all employees, from executive levels to lower levels, in workplaces where we provide services to via regular checks and audits

To create a sustainable occupational health and safety culture in the workplaces we provide services to

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