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Building Maintenance and Operational Services

Technical operation services aim to ensure that the existing infrastructure in the facilities is optimized according to the user needs, and provide continuous services through maintenances and repairs.

We operate the entire system and equipment with the lowest energy consumption and breakdown ratio as well as with the highest level of comfort and safety, make the necessary adjustments to achieve the determined optimum levels, respond to all breakdowns detected or reported by the facility employees within the indicated periods of time and solve all breakdowns as quickly as possible.

In addition to the functionality and safety of the facilities, we place importance to economic sustainability, ensure that buildings and equipment are managed efficiently and reliably, maintain and repair them and ensure the smooth operation of all systems.

By undertaking the entire operational control of the buildings and facilities, we ensure that properties are professionally maintained during their lifetime, and the frequency of breakdowns is minimized.

With our specialized staff, we provide all maintenance, repair and operational services in your facility such as the installation of the technical operation structure and organization for the electrical-mechanical services, preparation of the maintenance manuals, establishment of the maintenance management and energy management system, coordination of the necessary maintenance agreements, preparation of the maintenance budget and determination of the energy efficiency activities etc.

Building Maintenance and Operational Services by Barva Teknik

  • Management of Technical Devices and Systems
  • Recruitment and Management of Personnel 
  • Management of Technical Materials Procurement Process
  • Stock management
  • Energy Management and Saving Activities
  • Coordination of Maintenance Agreements
  • Provision of Technical Consulting Services
  • Management and Supervision of Service Providers
  • Preparation of the Annual Budget
  • Reporting of Budget Conformity Performance
  • Preparation of Investment Budget and Management of Budget-Related Works
  • Planning, Following-up and Management of Renovations and Appurtenances
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